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Happy Valentine’s Day! While Tuesday is a day set aside for us guys to show our love for our significant other, everyday should be a day for all of us to show our love for each other.

When asked, my advice to married couples, especially during a trying time, is to think of your spouse the way you did on your wedding day. Think back to all the joy and happiness.

However, to my sons-in-law, I added they had entered into a no-deposit, no-return deal. With the key being the no return. If they did not want my daughter, why would I want her back? Yes, I would take either of them back. Begrudgingly.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Days was the day my at-that-time-soon-to-be-son-in-law Mike called me to ask for my permission to propose to Theresa.

I told him the same thing my father-in-law told me: “If you can put up with her, you can have her!” When I said it, I had the same smile on my face Spud had on his back on that day in the summer of 1980.

I will always remember watching Spud turn to me as he was reaching for the door to enter the house, he was smiling. The smile stayed as he gave me his response.

I knew Mike proposed later that Valentine’s Day evening when I saw the smile on Theresa’s face. It still has not left.

While the proposal did not surprise me — I knew it would eventually happen — the how Mike proposed did. Mike took Theresa to the Jackson city dump and proposed there. Most guys would go to the dump to dump their girlfriends, not propose to them!

When you think of it, it did make sense. The site was one of Theresa’s favorite places to watch the sunset. And Mike planned to be like an old Western cowboy and ride off into the sunset with her. Or at least spend a lifetime of sunsets together.

While Valentine’s Day is a day to show our love, it is also a time to bestow gifts upon our love. Which means, in man’s terms, spend money.

General retailers rely on the month before Christmas to fill their cash registers. The first half of February is for the flower shops and chocolate stores, both outlets and chocolateries. And also the companies that make all those Valentines for the kids to give out.

I learned early on if I wanted to buy Kathy flowers, to buy live plants. Live plants last so much longer. Well, except for those given to someone who is without a green thumb.

I can even get by without buying a card. Cards are neat to see and read, but it is not long before they find their way into the recycling bucket. Which is right next to the compost bucket holding the bouquet of flowers.

But chocolate? Yes, that is a much-appreciated gift. It is true the chocolates only last as long as the card and flowers, but they taste so good. And, if you think of it, since a second on the lips leads to a lifetime on the hips, chocolates do really last a long time.

Personally, I am not a fan of just some straight stick chocolate like a Hershey’s bar. But, put some flavoring in it and I am there chomping at the bit ready to devour more than my share.

The nice thing about giving Kathy chocolates is I can usually have a piece or two. However, I generally buy her Turtles. Turtles is one of her favorites.

Being the loving romantic husband I am, I also show my love by letting her eat them all. No matter I am not a fan of Turtles; it is the thought that counts. And I would rather count thoughts than count calories. Or cavities. But cavities are a hole new subject.

Valentine’s Day also means we are about two-thirds of the way through winter.

That means it is time for me to start thinking about losing my winter flab. I have to get into pool shape. Flab is good for buoyancy, but not for appearance.

But yet, it is not a fear of my appearance in my swim trunks; I am not that vain. Do I care if someone is looking at some gross guy in a swimsuit? Even if it is me? Rather, it is because I do not want to be the guy who causes a tidal wave every time he jumps into the pool.

Valentine’s Day also marks the ending of the winter sports seasons for the Jackson County Central Middle School athletes. The basketball teams ended their seasons this past Friday against Worthington. The wrestlers have two tournaments left, Feb. 20 in Sheldon, Iowa, and Feb. 28 in Spencer, Iowa.

Last Thursday against St. James Area, the girls split their games. The seventh-grade boys also lost both of their games, the first 24-22. Unfortunately the eighth-graders also dropped a close game. Carson Doescher scored 16 to lead the Huskies.

And now, as I have some Turtles to buy, I close for this week. Until next week, enjoy sitting by your love as you show our athletes love by cheering them on to victory. Go, Huskies!

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