Last month snowier than normalFree Access

Last month was snowier than normal.

According to official weather statistics measured and recorded by Jackson-based Federated Rural Electric, 7.25 inches of the white stuff fell across Jackson County in November, around 2.13 inches more than the historical average for the month. Two inches of snow fell on Nov. 14, with another quarter-inch falling on Nov. 18 and 5 full inches fluttering to the ground on Nov. 29.

Though snowfall totals last month beat the historical average, total precipitation for the month fell below what’s normal. Total precipitation in November was measured at 1.18 inches, a quarter-inch less than the historical average for the month.

Temperatures last month were right in line with the historical average, with the average high for the month at around 42 degrees and the average low at nearly 26. High for the month was 78 degrees, hit on the first day of November; low was 6 degrees, recorded on the very last day of the month.

Ten of November’s 30 days were classified as sunny.

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