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Jackson County voters favored Republican candidates for state and federal office in Tuesday’s general election.

Local voters preferred incumbent U.S. Rep. Brad Finstad, a Republican, to Democratic challenger Jeff Ettinger by a 69-percent-to-27-percent margin, according to unofficial results.

The margin was similar in the District 21B Minnesota State House of Representatives race, with Republican Marj Fogelman capturing around 70 percent of the local vote to Democrat Michael Heidelberger’s 30 percent. Both Finstad and Fogelman looked to be on their way to victories in their respective races.

Jackson County voters preferred Republican Scott Jensen to incumbent Democratic Gov. Tim Walz 67 percent to 30 percent.

Likewise, Republican Kim Crockett garnered 66 percent of the local vote to incumbent Steve Simon’s 34 percent in the secretary of state race, Republican Ryan Wilson earned 68 percent of the local vote to incumbent Julie Blaha’s 27 percent in the state auditor race and Republican Jim Schutlz nailed down 71 percent of the local vote to incumbent Keith Ellison’s 29 percent in the attorney general race.

As of early Wednesday, the incumbents, all members of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, were ahead of their Republican challengers in their respective statewide races.

Nearly 98 percent of the Jackson County vote went to incumbent state Sen. Bill Weber in his unopposed run for the District 21 seat in in the Minnesota Senate, with 87 write-in votes also tallied.

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